May 4th 2023 is the polling date for Eastbourne Borough Council when all 27 council seats will be up for election.

Eastbourne Borough Council is part of a two tier structure, with some services delivered by East Sussex Council and some by Eastbourne Borough Council. The next election for East Sussex County Councillors is not until 2025. In the May 2023 election you will vote for Eastbourne Borough Councillors.

This is your chance to select the people that will make decisions about how our town is run and how local people are supported through the numerous crises the Conservative government has created.

Remember that you are not voting for a Member of Parliament – your vote in May 2023 will (sadly) not change the government. So, don’t believe the propaganda routinely published by Liberal Democrats at every election. Voting Labour will not help the Tories win. Labour can win seats in Eastbourne wards. In fact, Labour has more supporters and members than any other political party in Eastbourne.

Why is your vote important?

In the last local council election, of the 27 available seats: 18 were won by Liberal Democrat candidates and 9 were won by Conservative candidates. This continued a long line of stale, outdated politics with a council unable to make essential changes and tackle the crises our town faces.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats both operate a strong whip locally, which means councillors are unable to follow their consciences, or follow the wishes of the residents in their wards. They vote the way their local leaders instruct them. As a result, the council is failing us on several fronts, especially environmental issues. Councillors have resigned from their parties due to these failings. There are currently three independent councillors.

Eastbourne needs fresh ideas and Labour councillors to shake up the status quo. But before you vote,  make sure you know what, and who, you are voting for.

What do your councils do?

As mentioned above,  some of our services are delivered by East Sussex Council and some by Eastbourne Borough Council.

Did you  know that:

  • 73% of your council tax goes to East Sussex County Council
  • 11% goes to Eastbourne Borough Council
  • 10% goes to Sussex Police
  • 5% goes to Fire and Rescue services

This short video explains how your council tax is spent.

ESCC services

Your Country Council (East Sussex) is responsible for services such as Adult Social Care, Road Maintenance and Safety, Transport Planning,  Education and Children’s Services, Libraries, Registrars and more.

EBC Services

Eastbourne Borough Council is responsible for services such as Waste Collections and Street Cleaning, Social Housing,  maintaining Parks and Open Spaces, Sports Facilities, Planning application and consent, grants for charities helping with cost of living crisis, providing warm communal spaces, hosting local events and more.

See council website for more details of what different councils are responsible for.

Although most of our Eastbourne Borough Councillors are not directly responsible for county council services like road maintenance and safety and transport planning, they are in a position to put forward recommendations and represent the views and needs of  residents to the county council. This they have consistently failed to do. Several of our town/Borough Councillors are also ESC Councillors and have voted against decisions unanimously made by EBC when they come to ESCC.

So now you know how your councillors can and should be working for you, find out more about the Labour candidates and their hopes for your town.

ward map for Eastbourne district showing the nine wards, Devonshire, Hampden Park, Langney, Meads, Old Town, Ratton, Sovereign, St Anthony
ward map for Eastbourne district showing the nine wards, Devonshire, Hampden Park, Langney, Meads, Old Town, Ratton, Sovereign, St Anthony's, Upperton

Labour candidates for Eastbourne Borough Council wards, May 2023

You can vote for up to three candidates in your ward. Click on a ward name for more information on the candidates.


  • Dave Brinson
  • John Nicholas Lambert
  • Lyn Pemberton

Hampden Park

  • Graham Arthur Dean
  • Wendy Elizabeth Lambert
  • Margaret Elizabeth Robinson


  • Lee Comfort
  • Roy William Noble
  • Daniel  Thomas (Dan)


  • Bill Filby
  • Angela Mary Goodchild
  • Dr David Mannion

Old Town

  • Jake Lambert
  • Paul Richards


  • Patrick Michael Collins Duffy
  • David Christopher Godfrey
  • Jill Margaret Shacklock

St Anthony’s

  • John Mitchell Stewart Sailing


  • Derek James Bradley
  • Scott John Murly-Cleves
  • Alexander James Fabian Richards


  • Gabriel Richard Beck
  • Ian Derek Culshaw
  • Daniel Neil Hill

Remember voter ID

You now need voter ID to vote in person. You can instead vote by post. Find out more about Voter ID and postal votes here.

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