Protect our NHS from a trump trade deal.

With less than a week to go, and the polls tightening, it’s more important than ever to find out which election candidates are on the side of the NHS. WE OWN IT wants the new Parliament to be full of MPs who are willing to stand up for our NHS against Trump’s trade deal.

The US wants to ‘lock in current market access’ for public services. For the NHS, that’s not just the 18% of budget that currently goes to private companies – that’s the whole of the NHS.  Thanks to the Health and Social Care Act 2012, all NHS services have to go out to tender, so that private companies can compete with public NHS bodies to provide the service.

So if we sign a trade deal on the terms that the US want to set, we’d be locking in the privatisation of the HSCA – and making it impossible for us to restore the NHS to a fully public, national health service.

And it’s not obvious that the UK would be able to refuse these terms, even if we wanted to. We’re in a weak negotiating position because of our desperate need for trade after leaving the EU.

So don’t believe Boris Johnson when he says the NHS is not for sale.  He couldn’t resist the prospect of US trade, even if he did want to save the NHS. And we know he doesn’t.

“I pledge to protect our NHS from trade deals with new legislation which ends privatisation”

The only way to make sure our NHS* is not on the table in a trade deal with Trump is to end privatisation for good. As long as private companies are allowed to compete for contracts to provide NHS services, our healthcare service is open for business – with the US and everywhere else.

We Own It asked all election candidates to commit to ending all NHS privatisation once and for all.

Which of our Eastbourne Candidates signed the NHS pledge?


Isy Imarni (candidate for Stockport)

Ashley Williams (candidate for Wigan)


Scott Ainslie (candidate for Streatham)

Nigel Ainsworth Barnes (candidate for Heywood & Middleton)

Hugh Alberti (candidate for Middlesborough)

Dr Alex Armitage (candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington)

Zoe Aspinall (candidate for Gosport)

Amanda Baker (candidate for South Derbyshire)

Peter Banks (candidate for Harwich and North Essex)

Lucy Bannister (candidate for Manchester Withington)

Heather Barrie (Candidate for Chichester)

Chris Bell (candidate for Morely and Outwood)

Carl Benfield (candidate for North West Leicestershire)

Carol Birch (candidate for Bognor and Littlehampton)

Martin Blake (candidate for South Holland and the Deepings)

James Booth (candidate for Macclesfield)

Martin Brampton (candidate for Thirsk and Malton)

Barry Broom (candidate forIpswich)

Sophie Brown (candidate for Middlesborough South and East Cleveland)

Te Ata Browne (candidate for Crewe and Nantwich)

Matthew Buckler (candidate for Derbyshire Dales)

Rachel Cabral (candidate for Gateshead)

Ed Carlisle (candidate for Leeds Central)

Natalie Carswell (candidate for Mid Dorset and North Poole)

Peter Caton (candidate for Hornchurch & Upminster)

Dr Emma Chan (candidate for Tottenham)

Eleanor Chowns (candidate for North Herefordshire)

April Clark (candidate for Tonbridge and Malling)

Kevin Clayton (candidate for West Dorset)

Lily Clough (candidate for Wallasey)

Geraldine Coggins (candidate for Altrincham and Sale West)

Adam Colclough (candidate for Stoke-on-Trent)

John Colman (candidate for Portsmouth & Havant green)

Michael Cope (candidate for Cardiff North)

Chris Copeman (candidate for Ellesmere Port and Neston)

Chris Copeman (candidate for Ellesmere Port and Neston)

Tom Corbin (candidate for Salisbury)

Nick Cox (candidate for South Leicestershire)

John Coyne (candidate for Wirral West)

Dr Sarah Croke (candidate for Rochdale)

Kate Crossland (candidate for Ealing Central and Acton)

Quinn Daley (candidate for Pudsey)

Rebecca Daniels (candidate for Blackpool South)

Claire Davies (candidate for Redditch)

John Davis (candidate for Wyre Forest)

Megan Debenham (candidate for Newton Abbott)

Johnny Denis (candidate for Lewes)

Carla Denyer (candidate for Bristol West)

Andrea Dexter (candidate for Somerton and Frome)

Iain Dickson (candidate for Crawley)

Denise Donaldson (candidate for South Northamptonshire)

Gina Dowding (candidate for Flyde)

Lucy Downes (candidate for Hertford and Stortford)

Matt Edwards (candidate for Bradford South)

Gareth Ellis (candidate for Mid Bedfordshire)

Jonathan Elmer (candidate for City of Durham)

Jonathan Essex (candidate for Reigate)

Chris Evans (candidate for Swansea East)

Tony Firkins (candidate for Fealtham and Heston)

Ben Foley (candidate forLuton South)

Tom Franklin (candidate for York Central)

John Furness (candidate for Sedgefield)

Chris Garghan (candidate for Birmingham Yardley)

Anne Gayfer (candidate for Grantham and Stamford)

Helen Geake (candidate for Bury St Edmunds)

Christine Gilligan Kubo (candidate for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough)

Daniel Goldsmith (candidate for Brentford and Isleworth)

Harry Gorman (candidate for Wirral)

Martha Green (candidate for South East Cornwall)

Simon Grover (candidate for St Albans)

Leslie Groves Williams (candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham)

Alex Harris (candidate for South Derbyshire)

Mike Harrison (candidate for Dudley North)

Nick Hartley (candidate for Newcastle East)

Rachel Hartshorne (candidate for Leeds North East)

Sherief Hassan (candidate for Hemel Hempstead)

Paris Hayes (candidate for Bolton West)

Martin Hemingway (candidate for Leeds North West)

Nigel Hennerly (candidate for Tatton)

Celia Hickson (candidate for Shipley)

Robert Hodgetts-Haley (candidate for High Peak)

Adrian Holmes (candidate for Norwich North)

Sally Horscroft (candidate for Lincoln)

Richard Howarth (candidate for Kingston upon Hull North)

Sue Howarth (candidate for Mid Worcestershire)

Talia Hussain (candidate for Islington South & Finsbury)

Dan Hutchison (Scottish Green candidate for Glasgow South)

Claire Jackson-Prior (candidate for Sutton and Cheam)

Paul Jacobs (candidate for Spelthorne)

Stuart Jeffery (candidate for Maidstone and the Weald)

Andrew Johns (candidate for Walthamstow)

David Jones (candidate for Blackley and Broughton)

Alasdair Keddie (candidate for Bournemouth East)

Jonathan Kent (candidate for Bexhill and Battle)

Anne Killett (candidate for Great Yarmouth)

Keith Kondakor (candidate for Nuneaton)

Gary Lawson (candidate for Denton and Reddish)

Daniel Laycock (candidate for Huntingdon)

Jack Lenox (candidate for Copeland)

Joe Levy (candidate for Exeter)

Mags Lewis (candidate for Leicester South)

Vivien Lichtenstein (candidate for Kensington)

Catherine Linstrum (candidate for Islwyn)

Vix Lowthian (candidate for Isle of Wight)

Caroline Lucas (candidate for Brighton Pavilion)

Scott Mabbutt (candidate for Northampton South)

Benjamin Maydon (candidate for Edmonton)

Lyndsay McAteer (candidate for Warrington South)

David McElroy (candidate for Reading East)

Chris McFarling (candidate for The Forest of Dean)

James Melling (candidate for Chorley)

Helena Mellish (candidate for Stockport)

Ian Middleton (candidate for Banbury)

Lance Mitchell (candidate for North West Hampshire)

Darren Moore (candidate for Ealing Southall)

Nick Morphet (candidate for Hexham)

Sam Moss (candidate for Torbay)

Kate Needham (candidate for Don Valley)

Alex Nettle (candidate for Birmingham Ladywood)

Ruth Norbury (candidate for Wyre and Preston North)

Ruth Norbury (candidate for Wyre and Preston North)

Jim Norris (candidate for Gedling)

Jim Norris (candidate for Gedling)

Robert Nunney (candidate for Wythenshawe and Sale East)

John Orell (candidate for South Dorset)

Dr Jon Orrell (candidate for South Dorset)

Jeremy Parker (candidate for Ealing North)

Darren Parkinson (candidate for Bradford West)

Jo Paul (candidate for Worthing West)

Joe Peacock (candidate for Birmingham Selly Oak)

Jill Perry (candidate for Workington)

Alexandra Phillips (candidate for Brighton Kemptown)

Julie Phillips (candidate for South West Wiltshire)

Isabel Pires (candidate for Beverley and Holderness)

Taymar Pitman (candidate for Newcastle upon Tyne Central)

Brent Poland (candidate for Erewash)

Victoria Rance (candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich)

Philip Randle (candidate for East Antrim)

Colin Reed (candidate for Tiverton and Honiton)

David Reynolds (candidate for Ilford North)

Jean-Paul Roberts (candidate for Garston and Halewood)

Ali Ross (candidate for Penrith and the Border)

Catherine Ross (candidate for Horsham)

Mandy Rossi (candidate for Ashford)

Doug Rouxel (candidate for Staffordshire Moorlands)

Catherine Rowett (candidate for Norwich South)

Duncan Royle (candidate for Blackpool North & Cleveleys)

Caroline Russell (candidate for Islington North)

Beccy Sawbridge (candidate for Dover)

Tyrone Scott (candidate for Hackney South & Shoreditch)

Molly Scott Cato (candidate for Stroud)

David Sewell (candidate for North West Durham)

Clare Slater (candidate for Daventry)

Benjamin Smith (candidate for Runnymede and Weybridge)

Matthew Snedker (candidate for Darlington)

Becca Stevenson (candidate for Rugby and Bulkington)

Thomas Stewart (candidate for Berwick upon Tweed)

Matt Stratford (candidate for Eltham)

Cath Sutherland (candidate for Nottingham South)

Georgia Taylor (candidate for Wealden)

Alison Teal (candidate for Sheffield Central)

Hannah Temple (candidate for Favershame and Mid Kent)

Emily Tomalin (candidate for Maidenhead)

Simon Tooke (candidate for Sleaford and North Hykeham)

Dominic Tristram (candidate for Bath)

Paul Turpin (candidate for Sheffield Heeley)

Eliza Tyrrel (candidate for Manchester Gorton)

Peter Varley (candidate for Newport East)

Portia Vincent-Kirby (candidate for Hendon)

Ella Walding (candidate for Woking)

Donna Wallace (candidate for Aldershot)

Wesley Walton (candidate for Loughborough)

Arnold Warneken (candidate for Selby and Ainsty)

Arnold Warneken (candidate for Selby and Ainsty)

Karen Wheller (candidate for Orpington)

Fay Whitfield (candidate for North East Somerset)

David Williams (candidate for Oxford East)

Andy Williamson (candidate for Central Devon)

Mark Wilson (candidate for Walsall North)

James Windridge (candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis)

Diane Wood (candidate for Yeovil)

Darren Woodiwiss (candidate for Harborough)

John Yorke (candidate for Richmond North Yorkshire)


Diane Abbott (candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington)

Debbie Abrahams (candidate for Oldham East and Saddleworth)

Nabila Ahmed (candidate for Northampton South)

Joanne Ainscough (candidate for Wyre and Preston North)

Jane Aitchison (candidate for Pudsey)

Susan Aitkenhead (candidate for Poole)

Rushanara Ali (candidate for Bethnal green and Bow )

Mike Amesbury (candidate for Weaver Vale)

Callum Anderson (candidate for South West Bedfordshire)

Fleur Anderson (candidate for Putney)

Tonia Antoniazzi (candidate for Gower)

Tonia Antoniazzi (candidate for Gower)

Jonathan Ashworth (candidate for Leicester South)

Catherine Atkinson (candidate for Erewash)

Adrian Bailey (standing down in West Bromwich West)

Chris Bain (candidate for Tamworth)

Debbie Bannigan (candidate for Rugby)

Jessica Barnard (candidate for Broadland)

Alyson Barnes (candidate for Rossendale and Darwen)

Hilary Benn (candidate for Leeds Central)

Clive Betts (candidate for Sheffield South East)

Clive Betts (candidate for Sheffield South East)

Roberta Blackman-Woods (standing down in City of Durham)

Emily Blake (candidate for South West Norfolk)

Olivia Blake (candidate for Sheffield Hallam)

Paul Blomfield (candidate for Sheffield Central)

Paul Blomfield (candidate for Sheffield Central)

Fran Boait (candidate for Gloucester)

Rosa Bolger (candidate for Witney)

Craig Bolton (candidate for Edinburgh West)

Gemma Bolton (candidate for Mid Sussex)

Jill Borcherds (candidate for Stevenage)

Ben Bradshaw (candidate for Exeter)

Giles Bridge (candidate for Ribble Valley)

James Bull (candidate for South East Cambridgeshire)

Ian Byrne (candidate for Liverpool West Derby)

Ruth Cadbury (candidate for Brentford and Isleworth)

Ronnie Campbell (standing down in Blyth Valley)

Dan Carden (candidate for Liverpool Walton)

Maria Carrol (candidate for Camarthen East and Dinefwr)

Sarah Champion (candidate for Rotherham)

Jenny Chapman (candidate for Darlington)

Bambos Charalambous (candidate for Enfield Southgate)

Samantha Charles (candidate for West Worcestershire)

Tom Chatwin (candidate for Gosport)

Dr Zahid Chauhan (candidate for Cheadle)

Nick Chisholm (candidate for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale)

Peter Chowney (candidate for Hastings & Rye)

Ann Clwyd (standing down in Cynon Valley)

Vernon Coaker (candidate for Gedling)

Anna Coda (candidate for Hereford and South Herefordshire)

Paddy Coffield (candidate for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine)

Lizzi Collinge (candidate for Morecambe and Lunesdale)

Ben Cook (candidate for Boston and Skegness)

Jeremy Corbyn (candidate for Islington North)

Charlotte Cornell (candidate for Dover)

David Crausby (candidate for Bolton North East)

John Cryer (candidate for Leyton and Wanstead)

Janet Daby (candidate for Lewisham East)

Nic Dakin (candidate for Scunthorpe)

Ashley Dalton (candidate for Rochford and Southend East)

Wayne David (candidate for Caerphilly)

Carolann Davidson (candidate for East Renfrewshire)

Geraint Davies (candidate for Swansea West)

Mike Davies (candidate for Bath)

Laura Davison (candidate for Folkestone & Hythe)

Gloria de Piero (standing down in Ashfield)

Thangam Debbonaire (candidate for Bristol West)

Thangam Debbonaire (candidate for Bristol West)

Lynn Denham (candidate for Worcester)

Emma Dent Coad (candidate for Kensington)

Anneliese Dodds (candidate for Oxford East)

Stephen Doughty (candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth)

Corrie Drew (candidate for Bournemouth East)

David Drew (candidate for Stroud)

Sean Dromgoole (candidate for Somerset and Frome)

Rosie Duffield (candidate for Canterbury)

Oliver Durose (candidate for Brentwood and Ongar)

Gareth Eales (candidate for Northampton South)

Linda Edwards-Shea (candidate for Sleaford and North Hykeham)

Clive Efford (candidate for Eltham)

Terri Eynon (candidate for North West Leicestershire)

Paul Farmer (candidate for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle)

Paul Farrelly (standing down in Newcastle under Lyme)

Hugo Fearnley (candidate for Scarborough and Whitby)

Deanne Ferguson (candidate for Morley and Outwood)

Jack Ferguson (candidate for Pitsea North-West)

Jon Fisher (candidate for North Wiltshire)

Colleen Fletcher (candidate for Coventry North East)

Jennifer Forbes (candidate for Truro and Falmouth)

Lisa Forbes (candidate for Peterborough)

Yvonne Fovargue (candidate for Makerfield)

Mary Foy (candidate for City of Durham)

Adam Freeman (candidate for South Staffordshire)

James Frith (candidate for Bury North)

Gill Furniss (candidate for Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough)

Gill Furniss (candidate for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough)

Hugh Gaffney (candidate for Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill)

Ruth George (candidate for High Peak)

Preet Gill (candidate for Birmingham Edgbaston)

Mary Glindon (candidate for North Tyneside)

Helen Goodman (candidate for Bishop Auckland)

Sacha Gosine (candidate for Dartford )

Jo Graham (candidate for New Forest West)

Carl Greatbatch (candidate for Newcastle-under-Lyme)

Dan Greef (candidate for South Cambridgeshire)

Kate Green (candidate for Stretford and Urmston)

Kelley Green (candidate for North East Hertfordshire)

Margaret Greenwood (candidate for Wirral West)

Penny Grennan (candidate for Hexham)

John Grogan (candidate for Keighley and Ilkley)

John Grogan (candidate for Keighley)

Andrew Gwynne (candidate for Denton and Reddish)

Jerry Hague (candidate for Sherwood)

Louise Haigh (candidate for Sheffield Heeley)

Louise Haigh (candidate for Sheffield Heeley)

Faten Hameed (candidate for Glasgow)

Fabian Hamilton (candidate for Leeds North East)

David Hanson (candidate for Delyn)

Emma Hardy (candidate for Kingston and Hull West)

Helen Hayes (candidate for Dulwich and West Norwood)

Heather Herbert (candidate for Gordon)

Celia Hibbert (candidate for Harborough, Oadby & Wigston)

Liz Hind (candidate for Aylesbury)

Kate Hollern (candidate for Blackburn)

Charlotte Holloway (candidate for Plymouth Moor View)

George Howarth (candidate for Knowsely)

Rupa Huq (candidate for Ealing Central and Acton)

Imran Hussein (candidate for Bradford East)

Francyne Johnson (candidate for Penistone & Stocksbridge)

Kim Johnson (candidate for Liverpool Riverside)

Graham Jones (candidate for Hyndburn)

Kevan Jones (candidate for North Durham)

Ruth Jones (candidate for Newport West)

Sarah Jones (candidate for Croydon Central)

Paul Joyce (candidate for Daventry)

Holly Kal-Weiss (candidate for Hertsmere)

Sally Keeble (candidate for Northampton North)

Barbara Keeley (candidate for Worsley and Eccles South)

Sandra Keen (Labour candidate for Richmond Park)

David Knowles (candidate for Sutton Coldfield)

Peter Lamb (candidate for Crawley)


Ian Lavery (candidate for Wansbeck)

Karen Lee (candidate for Lincoln)

Emma Lewell-Buck (candidate for South Sheilds)

Clive Lewis (candidate for Norwich South)

Aston Line (candidate for Southend West)

Pete Lowe (candidate for Stourbridge)

Tony Lywood (candidate for Copeland)

Kathryn M Salt (candidate for Grantham and Stamford)

Alan Mackenzie (candidate for The Cotswolds)

Justin Madders (candidate for Ellesmere Port and Neston)

Seema Malhotra (candidate for Feltham and Heston)

Kerena Marchant (candidate for Basingstoke)

Gordon Marsden (candidate for Blackpool South)

Greg Marshall (candidate for Broxtowe)

Diana Martin (candidate for Forest of Dean)

Sandy Martin (candidate for Ipswich)

Rachael Maskell (candidate for York Central)

Zoe Mayou (candidate for Nuneaton)

Laura McAlpine (candidate for Harlow and the Villages)

Seaumas McCauley (candidate for Sevenoaks)

Andy McDonald (candidate for Middlesborough)

John McDonnell (candidate for Hayes and Harlington)

Liz McInnes (candidate for Heywood and Middleton)

Kama McKenzie (candidate for Wells)

Anna McMorrin (candidate for Cardiff North)

Rhiannon Meades (candidate for Mid Bedfordshire)

Ian Mearns (candidate for Gateshead)

Rick Middleton (candidate for Bosworth)

Ali Milani (candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip)

Catherine Minnis (candidate for East Yorkshire)

Navendu Mishra (candidate for Stockport)

Jessica Morden (candidate for Newport East)

David Morgan (candidate for Aldridge-Brownhills)

Stephen Morgan (candidate for Portsmouth South)

Jay Morton (candidate for Chichester)

Dinah Mulholland (candidate for Ceredigion)

Yvonne Murphy (candidate for Monmouth)

Ian Murray (candidate for Edinburgh South)

David Nagle (candidate for Elmet and Rothwell)

Lisa Nandy (candidate for Wigan)

Rosie Newbigging (candidate for Welwyn Hatfield)

Gill Ogilvie (candidate for Walsall North)

Joanne Oldale (candidate for Mid Dorset and North Poole)

Finola ONeill (Candidate for North Devon)

Chi Onwurah (candidate for Newcastle upon Tyne Central)

Kate Osamor (candidate for Edmonton)

Chris Ostrowski (candidate for Watford)

Felicity Owen (candidate for St Austell and Newquay)

Carralyn Parkes (candidate for South Dorset)

Carralyn Parkes (candidate for South Dorset)

Clare Pavitt (candidate for Kettering)

Christine Peace (candidate for North East Derbyshire)

George Penny (candidate for Cheltenham)

Toby Perkins (candidate for Chesterfield)

Anna Perrett (candidate for York Outer)

Laura Pidcock (candidate for North West Durham)

Cheryl Pidgeon (candidate for Rushcliffe)

Liz Pole (candidate for Tiverton and Homerton)

Emily Pomroy-Smith (candidate for South West Wiltshire)

Mark Popple (candidate for South Holland and the Deepings)

Steve Pound (standing down in Ealing North)

Richard Quigley (candidate for Isle of Wight)

Claire Ransom (candidate for Romsey and Southampton North)

Jenny Reeves (candidate for Faversham and Mid Kent)

Jenny Reeves (candidate for Faversham and Mid Kent)

Rachel Reeves (candidate for Leeds West)

Jonathan Reynolds (candidate for Stalybridge and Hyde)

Will Richardson (candidate for Rushcliffe)

Marie Rimmer (candidate for St Helens South and Whiston)

Jonny Roberts (candidate for Wantage )

Jonny Roberts (candidate for Wantage)

Helen Russell (candidate for Mid Worcestershire)

Joanne Rust (candidate for North West Norfolk)

Bella Sankey (candidate for Arundel and South Downs)

Liz Savage (candidate for Southport)

Jackie Schneider (candidate for Wimbledon)

Faiza Shaheen (candidate for Chingford)

Rory Shannon (candidate for Bromsgrove)

Virendra Sharma (candidate for Ealing Southall)

Peter Shearman (candidate for Windsor)

Barry Sheerman (candidate for Huddersfield)

Tulip Siddiq (candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn)

Dennis Skinner (candidate for Bolsover)

Angie Smith (candidate for Wealden)

Cat Smith (candidate for Lancaster and Fleetwood)

Eleanor Smith (candidate for Wolverhampton South West)

Laura Smith (candidate for Crewe and Nantwich)

Nick Smith (candidate for Blaenau Gwent)

Perry Smith (candidate for Gainsborough)

Perry Smith (candidate for Gainsborough)

Alex Sobel (candidate for Leeds North West)

Claudia Sorin (candidate for West Dorset)

Rosemary Sourbut (candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon)

John Spellar (candidate for Warley)

Nicholas Stephens (candidate for Solihull)

Jo Stevens (candidate for Cardiff Central)

Wes Streeting (candidate for Ilford North)

Graham Stringer (candidate for Blackley and Broughton)

Mike Stubbs (candidate for Stone)

Zahra Sultana (candidate for Coventry South)

Samuel Sweek (candidate for Huntingdon)

Paul Sweeney (candidate for Glasgow North East)

Tim Taylor (candidate for Weston-super-Mare)

Andy Thomas (candidate for Rutland and Melton)

Gareth Thomas (candidate for Harrow West)

Nick Thomas-Symonds (candidate for Torfaen)

Adam Thompson (candidate for Amber Valley)

Ted Thompson (candidate for Dumfries and Galloway)

Emily Thornberry (candidate for Islington South and Finsbury)

Oliver Thornton (candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset)

Mhairi Threlfall (candidate for Filton and Bradley Stoke)

Stephen Timms (candidate for East Ham)

Duncan Townsen (candidate for Ayr Carrick and Cumnock)

John Trickett (candidate for Hemsworth)

Antony Tucker (candidate for Kenilworth and Southam)

Karl Turner (candidate for Kingston upon Hull East)

Derek Twigg (candidate for Halton)

Liz Twist (candidate for Blaydon)

Julian Vaughan (candidate for North East Bedfordshire)

Valerie Vaz (candidate for Walsall South)

Ranjeev Walia (candidate for Twickenham)

Louise Walker (candidate for Burton)

Suzette Watson (candidate for Banbury)

Chris Webb (candidate for Blackpool North and Cleveleys)

Louise Webberly (candidate for Totnes)

Catherine West (candidate for Hornsey and Wood Green)

Matt Western (candidate for South Warwickshire)

Nadia Whittome (candidate for Nottingham East)

Emma Whysall (candidate for Chipping Barnet)

Lewis Whyte (Scottish Labour Partycandidate for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch, and Strathspey)

Dan Wilkinson (candidate for Maidstone and the Weald)

Paul Williams (candidate for Stockton South)

Tony Wilson (candidate for Hazel Grove)

Beth Winter (candidate for Cynon Valley)

Daniel Zeichner (candidate for Cambridge)


Mark Alcock (candidate for Don Valley)

Steffan Aquarone (candidate for Mid Norfolk)

Ali Avaei (candidate for Newcastle upon Tyne Central)

Stephen Barrett (candidate for Hertsmere)

David Campanale (candidate for Spelthorne)

Chris Carubia (candidate for Wirral South)

Mark Christie (candidate for Bradford West)

Dr Brendan D’Cruz (candidate for Merthyr Tydfil)

Rana Das-Gupta (candidate for Rugby and Bulkington)

Craig Fletcher (candidate for Romsey and Southampton)

Ed Gough (candidate for Ellesmere Port and Neston)

Jennifer Gray (candidate for Walsall North)

Paul Harris (candidate for Walsall South)

Bruce Horton (Candidate for Redditch and Inkberrow)

Nick Ireland (candidate for South Dorset)

Nick Ireland (candidate for South Dorset)

Lorraine Johnson (candidate for South Derbyshire)

Richard Kemp (candidate for Liverpool Wavertree)

David Kendall (candidate for Brentwood & Ongar)

Heather Kidd (candidate for Ludlow)

Adrian Kingston-Jones (candidate for Neath)

Philip Knowles (candidate for Richmond Yorks)

Chris Lofts (candidate for South Northamptonshire)

Katharine Macy (candidate for Selby and Ainsty)

Rob McAllister-Bell (candidate for Liverpool Riverside)

Louis Potter (candidate for Horsham)

John Rossington (candidate for Dewsbury)

Alec Sandiford (candidate for Stone)

Joe Slupsky (candidate for Knowsley)

Henry Vann (candidate for Bedford)

Mark Williams (Candidate for Ceredigion)


Jonathan Edwards (candidate for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr)

Ben Lake (candidate for Ceredigion)

Liz Saville-Roberts (candidate for Dwyfor Meirionnydd)

Elwyn Vaughan (candidate for Montgomeryshire)

Steffan Webb (candidate for Cardiff North)

Daniel Williams (candidate for Neath)

Hywel Williams (candidate for Arfon)


Deidre Brock (candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith)

Amanda Burgauer (candidate for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale)

Amy Callaghan (candidate for East Dunbartonshire)

Douglas Chapman (candidate for Dumfermline and West Fife)

Joanna Cherry (candidate for Edinburgh South West)

Martyn Day (candidate for Linlithgow and East Falkirk)

Dave Doogan (candidate for Angus)

Marion Fellows (candidate for Motherwell and Wishaw)

Patricia Gibson (candidate for North Ayrshire and Arran)

Callum Kerr (candidate for Berwickshire Roxburgh & Selkirk)

Chris Law (candidate for Dundee West)

David Linden (candidate for Glasgow East)

Angus MacNeil (candidate for Na h-Eileanan an Iar)

Stewart McDonald (candidate for Glasgow South)

Carol Monaghan (candidate for Glasgow North West)

Kirsten Oswald (candidate for East Renfrewshire)

Chris Stephens (candidate for Glasgow South West

Owen Thompson (candidate for Midlothian)

Richard Thomson (candidate for Gordon)

Dr Philippa Whitford (candidate for Central Ayreshire)


Chika Amadi (Christian People’s Alliance candidate for Hayes and Harlington)

Femy Amin (Animal Welfare Party candidate for Ruslip, Northwood and Pinner)

Claire Aspinall (Brexit Party candidate for Warrington South)

Heather Astbury (Renew candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith)

Ian Austin (Independent standing down in Dudley North)

Captain Beany (Independent candidate for Aberavon)

Matthew Beaumont (Alliance candidate for Fermanagh and South Tyrone)

Paula Bradshaw (Alliance Party candidate for South Belfast)

Barmy Lord Brockman (MRL Party candidate for Mid Worcestershire)

Dick Cole (Mebyon Kernow candidate for St Austell and Newquay)

Jonathan Davies (Cumbria First candidate for Penrith and the Border)

Robert de Vito Boutin (Brexit Party candidate for Bristol South)

Bob Dhillon (Independent candidate for Warwick and Leamington)

Frank Field (Independent candidate for Birkenhead)

Ian Fleming (Independent candidate for Halesowen and Rowley)

Ian Fleming (candidate for Halesowen and Rowley regis)

Leon French (Yorkshire Party candidate for Doncaster Central)

Stephen Fulton (Independent candidate for Milton Keynes South)

James Giles (Independent candidate for Kingston and Surbiton)

Leo Grandison (Brexit Party candidate for Wolverhampton South West)

Joe Green (Independent candidate for South Dorset)

Joseph green (candidate for South Dorset)

Elaine Gunn (Scottish Green Party candidate for Edinburgh West)

David Henwood (Independent candidate for Oxford East)

Stephen Hepburn (Independent standing down in Jarrow)

Andy Higgins (Independent candidate for Flyde)

Mike Hill (Independent standing down in Flyde)

Neil Holden (Independent candidate for Blackpool North and Clevesley)

John Hunt (Independent candidate for Taunton Deane)

Nick Jardine (Independent candidate for Richmond (Yorks))

Richard Jones (candidate forCardiff North)

Farès K Moussa (Liberal Party candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset)

Dr Rohen Kapur (Young People’s Party candidate for Folkestone and the Hythe)

Ryan Kett (Yorkshire Party candidate for Wakefield

Naomi Long (Alliance Party candidate for Belfast East )

Darren-Lee Lythgoe (Brexit Party candidate for Birkenhead)

Cass Macgregor (Scottish Green Party candidate Glasgow North)

David Mansell (Independent candidate for Braintree)

Scott Marmion (Independent candidate for York Outer)

Ian McLean (Social Democratic Party candidate for Cynon Valley)

Sean McNicholl (Aontú candidate for East Derry)

Angela Mulholland (Social Democratic and Labour Party candidate for East Antrim)

Richard Phillips (Liberal Party candidate for Calder Valley)

Jason Pilley (Psychadelic Futures Party candidate for Rochford and Southend East)

Simon Rood (independent candidate for Sherwood)

Henry Scott (Independent candidate for Leyton and Wanstead)

Neil Taylor (Liberal Party candidate for Altringham and Sale West)

Tom Varghese (Independent candidate for Huntingdon)

Stuart Wells (Brexit Party candidate for Twickenham)

Laurence Williams (Gwlad gwlad candidate for Vale of Glamorgan)

Chris Williamson (Independent candidate for Derby North)

Claire Wright (Independent candidate for East Devon)


NOTE Healthcare is a devolved matter in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This NHS CAMPAIGN PLEDGE campaign is brought to you by We Own It and Keep Our NHS Public.

WE OWN IT is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales 

Eastbourne Labour Party 

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