tactical voting poster
tactical voting poster

In this yellow/blue Town of Eastbourne, tactical voting is a big thing. We have tactical voters here saying that although they are 100% Labour and want nothing more than to have a Labour Government, they consider it is key to reduce the number of Tory seats as much as possible. To prevent a Tory majority at all costs. Meaning they will vote Lib Dem even though they don’t trust Jo Swinson.

We met 2 people the other day, who were out CAMPAIGNING for the Lib Dem’s, but who told us they much preferred Labour’s policies. They felt they had to vote Lib Dem to keep the Tories out.

PD says “Eastbourne is either yellow or blue.  Don’t hand it to the Tories. Hold your nose and vote Lib Dem. Voting Green or Labour is a wasted vote. I would love to live in a constituency where my vote counted”

But not everyone agrees. We’ve been asking our Labour voters.  This is what they have been telling us about tactical voting:-

NR says “voting should be about standing up for what you believe in. Fighting for change is what is needed. What’s the point of voting for someone you don’t agree with in order to keep someone else you don’t agree with out. Things will never change. Fight for change even if it is against the odds. I will be voting Labour as they have great environment and social policies that will change our country for the better. Voting for what you believe in is never a wasted vote. Voting in someone you don’t agree with is definitely a wasted vote”.

KK says “For what it’s worth I say a resounding NO to tactical voting. A vote for the Lib Dem’s is a vote for the Tories and an end to the NHS. Personally I would have to be dead in a ditch before I would vote for ConDems”

RM says “Labour voters in Eastbourne have given their vote to Lib Dem to keep out the tories. This no longer will be the case as Lib Dem’s have changed since they went into government with the Tories. Lib Dem’s are now the yellow, soft tory party. If you vote Lib Dem in Eastbourne now you will be voting for soft tory”

MC says “When you vote Lib Dems then you get Tory in any case. Given a chance, the Lib Dems will prop up the Tories again just like they did 2010 to 15; if not via a coalition then by confidence and supply. Stephen Lloyd and Jo Swinson voted for more austerity policies than many Tories did….including Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt in Jo Swinson’s case”

QUESTION. What do you think? Vote with your heart or with your logic?

Eastbourne Labour Party 

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